Growing up in New York, Danielle Nicole was first influenced by techno music in the late 90's during a legendary era when dance music and club culture were rampant in New York City. Nightclubs like the Tunnel, Limelight and Sound Factory spawned an inspiration that she could not ignore and in 2005, Danielle translated fifteen years of classical music theory/performance training into djing and was immediately recognized as a forceful new talent in the industry. 
Known for her unique minimalistic take on techno, Danielle's presence as an artist cannot be ignored. Intense bass and dark animated synths are sprinkled with percussive detail and idiosyncratic sounds reeking havoc on the dance floor. Danielle first introduced her sound to New York club goers at venues like Cielo, Sullivan Room and Pacha before spreading her musicality globally. By now, she has engaged techno lovers in cities all over the United States, Central/South America, Middle East and Europe, including the techno capital of the world, Berlin, where she currently resides.
Despite a hectic calendar, Danielle is insistent about making time in the studio. Since releasing her first EP in 2008, she has released records on various labels including Little Helpers, Fantastic Friends, What Now Becomes, Frequenza, Neurotraxx, Minitec Series, IRMA, Klectik, Nosi and Subtrak. Danielle has remixed and collaborated with top techno artists including Someone Else, Matt Star, Dilo, Pablo Denegri, Alland Byallo, Jonny Cruz and Francesco Assenza. Her next EP will be released on Noah Pred's Berlin based label, Thoughtless Music, in early 2014 and also look out for Danielle's remix of Sebastian Paiza & Augustin Alvarez coming out on Draft Records this coming February. 

Thoughtless Music / Berlin


Draft Records 


Nosi Music / New York 

WNB011 / What Now Becomes

Wrangel EP (remix by Jonn Melchiat)


Little Helpers 54 / Little Helpers

Danielle Nicole & Someone Else


FFRDIGITAL020 / Fantastic Friends

Take Me There EP (remixes by Matt Star, Nicolas Duvoisin & Masaya)


KLECTIK017 / Klectik Records

Shake / Cross My Heart EP (remixes by Francesco Assenza & Jason Patrick)


NSM052 / NOSI Music

Gypsy Slut EP (remix by Jonny Cruz)


SPW015 / Sex Panda

April White - Let's Dance Horizontal (Danielle Nicole's Don't Be Shy Mix)


TBD010 / Taste Buds

Bri Giordano - Acidized (Danielle Nicole's For Sure Mix)


FREQVRAVERMX01 / Frequenza

Alex D'elia & Nihil Young - Hypnotik (Danielle Nicole Remix)


NX051 / Neurotraxx

Danielle Nicole - Sun Ra (Original Mix)


NSM048 / NOSI Music

Tamara Montenegro - Amicizia (Danielle Nicole Remix)


LOV078 / Land Of Voodoo

Kosheen DJs - Home From Home (Danielle Nicole Remix)


FREQDGT049 / Frequenza

Dream Freak EP


CHABK034D / Chameleon Black

Native Circus EP (remixes by Danilo Carboni & Carlo Zita)


MINTEC07 / Minitec Series

Alister - Min Far (Danielle Nicole Remix)


ICP183 / IRMA Records

Stalker Studio feat. Disdishdance - We Should Fall (Danielle Nicole Remix)


TKC086 / TKC Music

Dave Rosario - She (Danielle Nicole Remix)


HSHTK012 / Hushtek

Phonographic EP


DIRTYBEATS002 / Dirty Beats

Antonio Piacquadio - Take Control (Danielle Nicole Remix)


DIRTYBEATS001 / Dirty Beats

D-Unity - Audio Tube (Danielle Nicole Remix)

D-Unity - Fuck The System (Danielle Nicole Remix)


HSHTK008 / Hushtek

Tambiama EP

07 june 2013

solé beach club / puerto rico


08 june 2013

di zucchero / puerto rico


13 july 2013

naherholung sternchen / berlin


07 august 2013

chalet / berlin 


22 september 2013

tba / brooklyn  


28 september 2013

dl lounge / new york  


28 september 2013

sullivan room / new york


26 october 2013

sullivan room / new york  


17 november 2013

secret location / brooklyn


10 december 2013

tba / brooklyn


13 december 2013

i feel ... emerald city / brooklyn